Our entire ecosystem has been perfectly designed in a way to ensure revenue generation, price appreciation and hyper-deflation, bringing a previously unseen wealth of value to our investors.

Capital Synergy

What is Capital Synergy and how does it benefit holders?

Our unique and original mechanism, Capital Synergy, creates a cyclical effect whereby numerous components in the project come together to create an everlasting growth effect.

Capital Synergy is the process of our Trust Fund (and the interest it generates) being utilized together to create exponential growth in the inherent value of the MDB token.

Simply put, we have designed a system that acts as a growth engine and insurance policy all in one. Our Trust Fund is a high interest generating investment, with the interest used to buy back and burn the token, generating constant and everlasting buy pressure. That is Capital Synergy in a nutshell; MDB’s unique assets working together to create a compound effect resulting in perpetual growth.

Thanks to Capital Synergy, even if there was zero volume, the value of the token would still increase.

Trust Fund

What is the Trust Fund and how does it benefit holders?

The Trust Fund is the driving force behind Capital Synergy. The Trust Fund is essentially a (large) sum of money that is invested strategically to generate interest.

That interest is then used to buy back the token, and also burn to create deflation.

This creates an increase in price for 2 reasons:

  1. Constant buy pressure
  2. Constant deflation

The Trust Fund will always generate interest and thus always have a positive price impact. The size at launch of the Trust Fund vs. Liquidity is a ratio of 5:1; meaning that the price impact it will have is substantial.

Clever tokenomics ensure that the Trust Fund always grows.

The Phoenix

Buy back and burn

The Phoenix is essentially the Trust Fund interest, like a phoenix rises from ashes our Trust Fund enables MDB to rise from any dips and create a new price floor.

The Phoenix (interest generated from the Trust Fund) will be used primarily in 3 ways:

  1. To buy back and burn MDB (highest %)
  2. To feed the Trust Fund to accelerate growth
  3. To share with holders in the form of airdrops and other rewards (including Gravity Projects)

The combination of Capital Synergy and the Phoenix creates a cyclical effect whereby everlasting growth is mathematically proven. With zero trading volume, the token value would still increase.