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We're here to Make DeFi BETTER.Better.

MDB is an innovative and original DeFi token on the BSC network, utilizing our unique Capital Synergy mechanism to ensure long term, perpetual growth for holders. A compound effect of tokenomics, deflationary nature and intelligent investment strategies power our Capital Synergy; ensuring a token that will increase in value over time.

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The Millionaire's Club

Join today, no fees - buy and hold $500 in MDB

- MDB’s Exclusive Member’s Only Club
- $1000s in prizes every month
- Dedicated mindfulness and wellness coach
- Exclusive access to Member’s Only Yacht Club
- Project Pitches
- Whitelist Spots
- Giveaways
- Trading Channel & Educational Workshops
- Early Access Alpha
- VIP Studio

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Frequently Asked Questions


What chain is MDB on and why?

MDB is on the Binance Smart Chain. We chose to launch MDB on BSC for various reasons, including accessibility and affordability.


Can I trade between different tokens within the MDB ecosystem?

Yes, by using our swapper on Xenia you can trade between any of the tokens with ease.


How can I generate passive income in the Xenia Financial Suite?

Xenia offers multiple options for generating a passive income, including staking, farming and two stable-backed assets that appreciate over time. You can find out more in our whitepaper.


How can I join The Millionaire’s Club?

Joining is easy, you just need to purchase and hold the required amount of MDB (check out our Discord server for the most up-to-date amount) and then open a ticket within the server and you’ll be granted access to all of the perks!


What’s the best way to purchase MDB; Xenia, the swapper address or Pancake Swap?

Xenia is the simplest way to purchase any of our tokens, and it takes care of any slippage for you. As simple as the click of a button!

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