MDB+ is an additional token in the MDB Ecosystem

MDB+ is a stable-backed token offering guaranteed appreciation backed 100% by BUSD.

How can a stable-backed token appreciate?

Each MDB+ buy and sell carries tiny taxes (1% buy and sell combined) which go straight into the liquidity pool. MDB+ tokens are minted at purchase and burned at sale, meaning that the liquidity is always growing steadily higher than the number of tokens in circulation.

We expect an APY of double digits comfortably, although it is volume dependent and so the ROI is not a set number.

If you're looking for a stable token to store your funds, whilst growing in value, MDB+ offers a solution.

To buy MDB+, you can use PancakeSwap, or you can use the contract directly. You can send BNB to the MDB+ contract and receive MDB+ directly into your wallet. To sell, send MDB+ to yourself, and you will receive BUSD.

Contract: 0x9f8BB16f49393eeA4331A39B69071759e54e16ea

MDB+ is 100 % backed by BUSD.
The buys and sells of MDB+ have a small tax which results in the controlled, steady growth of liquidity.