Introducing Infinity; designed to accelerate growth across the entire ecosystem.

Infinity is a hyper-deflationary token, with low taxes, that is backed by the Infinity Fund. The Infinity Fund will be a ratio of 20:1 Infinity Fund:Liquidity Pool at launch, thus creating a 20x backing for the token. The slimmer liquidity pool than MDB means a higher backing, but also higher volatility and price fluctuation, which is ideal for traders. A very small % of the fund can have a significant impact (x2+) on the price of Infinity, opening up the token to swing trading opportunities, that are not negatively impacted by higher taxes.

Infinity is paired with Phoenix+, which will accelerate the growth of the Infinity liquidity pool, as an appreciating asset 100% backed by BUSD, with an expected growth per month for Phoenix+ of at least 15%. The hyper growth nature of Phoenix+, combined with the deflationary nature, create aggressive floor price appreciation. This also means that the liquidity pool is beyond the direct influence of BTC and the market in general, as the pair is stable.

Infinity can be staked in Xenia to earn MDB.